FAQ - Custom Domino Tables with LED Lights

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Q:  Why is the surface not clear so I can see the graphics clearer?
A:  Clear acrylic can be used but over time it will show scratches from the dominoes moving across the surface.

Q:  How can I remove scratches?
A:  Superficial and light scratches can easily be removed by taking a piece of 220 grit sand paper and rubbing in a circular motion to remove them. Scratches made with sharp objects into the surface cannot be removed.

Q:  Why is the battery not inside the unit?
A:  The Li-Ion battery is different than most batteries because it has an on/off switch and LED power indicators. You would not be able to use it if it was inside the unit. Also, you can easily remove the battery for charging and storage. Li-Ion provides more power than regular NiCad and NiMh batteries. You can also purchase additional batteries for backup power needs.

Q:  Do I have to use battery only?
A:  No. You can use a regular power supply that provides 12 Vdc with about 1/2 amps or 500 mAmps

Q:  Does the LED emit a lot of heat?
A:  The RGB LEDS emit very little heat. In fact, LED consume very little power and generate little heat which make them ideal for this use.

Q:  Why does the sensor make the LEDs come on intermittently?
A:  The sensors are sensitive to certain lights sources. Click here for more information. - Sensors  

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