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A Breif History of Games LightBox

I built my first domino table (shown in picture) back in 2008 for a friend who convinced me to build tables. I sold a few but did not pursue it further because of the following major reasons.
    • It took too much time to build
    • It looked like all the other tables out there except it was missing nice pictures
    • To heavy and bulky (40-60 lbs) and taking it to other places was a real hassle
    • It was a real pain to ship out

I spent the next few years researching and developing new a lighweight playing surface that incorporated RGB LED lighting effects that allow players to play in low light or in the dark. Then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have sensors and that would detect game pieces or movement that would trigger different light effects, sounds and moving actions.

After many years of R&D, I am proud to introduce BrightTop and BrightTop Lite. It is a portable lighted playing surface that allows you to play a variety of games with low light or no light (darkness). It took many tries and prototypes to get it right. Many times I was ready to let it loose and then I came up with a better way of doing something. During the design phases I would ask how would people use this or that feature? I would go back to the design board and come up with a better way.

How Do I Make Domino BrightTop?
Ok! So I do use some pretty tools like a CNC, 3D printer and other wood working machines. However, the products are ultimately assembled by hand.  I use heavy duty acrylic for the playing surface, real wood for the frame and 3D printed parts. The electronic circuitry is proprietary, however. It all comes together in the product you see. Some customization, such as names and graphics can be added to make it more personalized. You can see some of the videos of me actually making the products.

I certainly hope you will like BrightTop and please email me with your comments and suggestions.
Thanks and "Enjoy the game anytime"

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