BrightTop Lite - Custom Domino Tables with LED Lights

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BrightTop Lite
"The Portable One"
  • Lightweight (~10 lbs) and comes with its own carrying/storage bag
  • Easy setup - place it on a small table, the ground, the ice cooler, flat surface, or on a bucket
  • Removable game piece holders standard - can add 3D printed names and graphics (additional charge)
  • Custom graphics - add your favorite photos
  • Heavy duty 18"X18" acrylic surface that stand up to real slamming action
  • Rechargeable Li-ion power pack provides hours of fun
  • You can also use an AC to 12 Vdc adapter with a 5mm connector
  • Yes, you can play cards and other games on it
  • Get the glow in the dark dominoes and have fun in the dark - sold separately
  • Made in the USA

Why you need BrightTop Lite?

Do you like carrying something that weighs 25-40 lbs for fun?
Can your 12 year old carry your current domino table?
Can you easily take your current table to the beach, camping, on a boat, to the park, a picnic, tailgating, etc.?
But most important, can you play when it gets dark?

If you answer "NO" to these questions and you want to "enjoy the game anytime", Domino BrightTop Lite is for you. Really!

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