How Its Made - Custom Domino Tables with LED Lights

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How Do I Make Domino BrightTop?
Ok! So I do use some cool tools like a CNC, 3D printer and other wood working machines. However, the products are ultimately assembled by hand.  I use heavy duty acrylic for the playing surface, real wood for the frame and 3D printer for parts. The electronic circuitry is proprietary, however. It all comes together in the product you see. Some customization, such as names and graphics can be etched into the acrylic to make it more personalized. You can see some of the videos of me actually making the products.

This video shows the CNC machine routing the channels into the wood frame and etching custom lettering on the game piece holders.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions. After all this is how this product cam about.


3D Printers have been around for many decades and were widely used in prototyping by major companies. These printers are now available for hobbyists, inventors and small companies are a fraction of the cost. It is easy for a small company to create commercial products for sale.  
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