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Sensors Tutorial - Please read the following before purchasing:

BrightTop uses Infrared Sensors also known as IR sensors. One component is an Infrared diode that transmit a light beam with a certain frequency and the other is the IR sensor that detect that light beam frequency. Both components are typically placed close to each other. When light bounces of a reflective object that is close to the components, the receiver picks up the light beam. The electronic circuitry is designed to trigger an event when it detects the light beam. A reflective objective can be a light color domino, your hand or anything light in color. Dark objects absorbs the light beam and do not work.  IR sensors are are not perfect and work well with these types of ambient light sources.

The IR Sensors work well in the following light *conditions:
      • Darkness
      • LED lighting
      • Energy Saver Lighting
      • Flourecent Lighting
      • Ambient regular low house lighting placed at a minimum of 10-15 feet and not shining directly on the surface

*The sensors sensitivity are calibrated to work with the light conditions listed above and white colored dominoes. The sensors will detect of 98% of the dominoes while face down with the black number paint. They also detect any part of the domino that is white ( back or side) and will also detect your hand or any light colored objects placed over it.

The following lighting conditions are not recommended because they will trigger the sensors which makes the LEDs stay on:
      • Direct sunlight
      • Regular daylight
      • Incandescent light sources (regular lightbulbs, spot lights, halogen) directly on or near the surface
      • Any light source placed directly over the sensors

Sensors can be recalibrated if needed.

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